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Our first post with a warming welcome message!
Daniel Christensen
February 19th, 2021
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Welcome to WebSecured´s blog! I plan on posting semi-regularly here about stuff that is new about security and IT.

First off I´d like to introduce myself, my name is Daniel I am a 19-year-old security researcher and pentester. I also use a lot of my free time doing development in Node.JS and MongoDB. I also love exploring new technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and the "latest and greatest!". I am also the CEO of WebSecured (Wow yeah cool!).

Then let me introduce the company itself!

WebSecured is a company that was founded in 2020 and our main goal is to make the internet and IT world a safer place. We hope to create a wide aspect of tools companies can use to further improve their security. We already have tools in development to be released soon! The future view for WebSecured is to get our brand more known for what we have done and what we can do!

Finally! Let's talk about some of the technologies we are going used to further develop our security products that you can use to improve your own business.

First up is Node.JS. Node.JS makes it easier to create a backend server for WebSecured. We are still in the planning stages to have what we will have in our API, but we hope to create an easily accessible API that can be used to easily implement our tools into yours.

Next on the list, is MongoDB. We are using MongoDB to store information such as usernames, passwords, and etc. I really hope I don´t have to explain why we use MongoDB.

Docker! We hope to be able to use docker for different purposes in the future, but for now we are using it to create containers that can be used to host our tools.

Kubernetes! We plan to use Kubernetes to help automate a lot of the processes for us!

We are also doing security consulting work, if you´re interested feel free to contact us through our website, or directly at [email protected]

Thank you for reading our post! Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for us!

- Daniel, WebSecured CEO and security researcher.

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